Friday 7 August 2015

Wireheads: Big Issues

Big Issues was recorded on two-inch tape from the 70s and mixed to quarter inch tape. Calvin Johnson engineered the album. But it's still a very contemporary Australian album.

Because it's got Eddy Current Suppression Ring punk, Constant Mongrel volume (but swap The Stooges obsession for the Velvets' jangle and drone) and Per Purpose post-punk. Okay, there's Fall guitars and ranting here, too.

Big Issues is on Tenth Court. I checked it out because everything on Tenth Court is worth checking out (not least Thigh Master and Mope City). But Wireheads sound like they could easily be on SST in the mid-80s. There's a decent amount of this feral garage punk knocking about. When it's this good, there'll be no complaints.


  1. sounds more like Courtney Barnett than anybody you mention

  2. I can't hear that at all.